Posted: March 15, 2011 in Creative Writing

twinkle twinkle little star,




my friend got drunk in a bar.




up above the world so high,




he couldn’t tell the chick was a guy.




twinkle twinkle little star




dumb fuck woke  beside edgar.






humpty dumpty had a great dong,




all the skanks of  fairy town call him “foot-long”.




he plowed  the kings daughters




and he plowed the kings wife.




when his majesty got home early
humpty dumpty ran for his life

little sunny stalker


hiding in a corner


dress up! dress up! grab your mace!


spray that creep right on the face.


go hit him with a right and hit him with a left,


kick him on the shin and kick him on the chest


and get em in the part where his bird nests.


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