Fireflies On The Acacia

Posted: April 25, 2011 in Creative Writing

* A story about forbidden (homosexual) love laced with verities of youth,everyday struggles, war and subversion, poverty, distorted ideals and innocense lost in the accelerating deterioration of generations. I hope its artsy and thought provoking enough for a Palanca award. (Author is NOT gay.)

The scarlet field lit in radiance beneath a sunny August afternoon. From a lonely dirt road, the myriad of roses seem like a bed of molten ember, ready to burst with every passing of the wind. Lorenzo Romano fell to his knees. It was here high up in the mountain province of the cordilleras that the first Romano was overcome by abjection once more. Weakness and defeat that he had only known in his young years back in Zapanta, in the island of Mindanao. The blurred images of his unhappy past, that for so long he had repressed, is torentially leaking into candid recollection.

” Speak clearly!” he shouted. ” Stop eating your words you sonofabitch!”

Smelling of whiskey and red all over, the bear of a man rose from his chair with the same snap of a general and towered over the timid boy. A young Lorenzo froze where he stood, shaken and too afraid to conjure a syllable with his mouth. He was breathing too fast and started to worry that if he did not recover his voice in time, his father would completely loose his  temper and hit him.

“Speak up boy, stop acting like a fairy” this time he spoke with a graver tone. Lorenzo could only keep his head down fearful of meeting his fathers glaring eyes.

In a quick motion, he grabbed Lorenzo by the collar and let out a roar that curled the blood in the boys veins.

“What do you want! That is a very simple question. Are you stupid?”

Tears began to roll from Lorenzo’s eyes, the strength on his knees were lost to the shiver of fear. As he tried hopelessly to open his mouth and speak, his fathers heavy hand struck him on the left side of his face. A sharp ring reverberated in his ear, at the same time half of his head started to feel numb.

Kristina, Lorenzo’s aunt who had been standing behind him, stepped in between and bound her brother with her arms.

“Thats enough Antonio, please”

She turned to lorenzo and almost pleaded

“Go to your room, I’ll handle this.”

“Don’t you dare walk away you little faggot!” his father commanded.

Lorenzo did not know what to do as he sobbed uncontrollably, planted on his feet.

“Go up to your room Lorenzo Go now!”

The tug of wills lasted a few more repetitions until Antonio Almost broke loose and tried to lunge at his son.  Stimulated by the instinct of self preservation, Lorenzo ran up to his room, as fast as he could and locked himself inside. An indignant march followed him and kicked and pounded at the door. “Open up!” his father demanded and spilled a string of wild obscenities.

After awhile Kristina was able to placate her brother.

But even before peaceful silence came, young Lorenzo Escandor had already wept himself to sleep. That was how his eleventh birthday had passed, receiving a slap across the face, instead of a Mountain Bike he had dreamt of having since he was eight.

To be continued…

  1. Icy says:

    Go on alfonso, Harness your talent and share it to the world. Beautifully made

  2. magher1 says:

    Very promising story! You have really flowing style of writing, awesome to read. You should definitely continue. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, maybe one day we’ll both see our stories on bookshelves 😉

    • magher1 says:

      Ah one more thing;P I really liked it that you chose such difficult issues to write about. It makes the story even better in quality.

      • zunberzt says:

        i saw it as a challenge. i watched brokeback mountain ages ago and i thought it could have been a beautiful story if only they made it into a kind of love people would want to have or dream of having. so i thought of ways on how to make it more appealing to people, i’ll reveal that in the story but i tweaked certain characteristics of a stereotyped homosexual to endear him with the reading audience. basically i’ll be throwing alot of sympathy on the transvestite. hehe 🙂 then i’ll surround it with beautiful panorama’s and a socially relevant back drop to lessen the eww factor people initially have with this kind of story. hope it works. 🙂

      • zunberzt says:

        one more thing, just to clarify, m not gay. haha i just thought of it as a challenge and besides, though ill remain staright till the day they lower my coffin, im not a bigot and i sympathize with the 3rd sex, wth all the discrimination their getting. ;p

    • zunberzt says:

      one of these days. 🙂 and maybe even collaborate on a book, we could aim for a pullitzer with that. 🙂 haha who knows. 🙂

  3. Maryse says:

    Wow. More! more! Did you join the Palanca? Yeah, I think it’s that good. 🙂

    • zunberzt says:

      not yet haha i dont have the guts and the story isn’t finished yet. hehe , tis really long, but towards the end it goes back to the rose field and explain what happened. hehe lorenzo isnt really a full pledged homosexual, its the person he’s crying about at the beginning of the story: his transvestite cousin that he’ll fall in love with in his teens and carry on till he had to ditch him for a normal (prominent) life. (ouch) the transvesite i’ll actually reinvent,, more refined, pure of heart, ndi makabasag pingan, mahinhin na maria clara type. hehe there is a full chapter dedicated to their very traditional courtship. hard to explain, but its cute haha kasi ayaw paligaw nung transvestite. but there are also side stories about the muslim war that has been on off, a family member gets involved kasi, i’ll be sharing real stories i learned from the milf buddies i drank with here in mindanao. towards the middle, the story moves to manila, that part will show what its like to struggle in the jungles of the capital. i actually already know the whole story, i just want to write it the best way i could. hehe i wish u cud help me , wen im in manila. i really like your style. your my idol 🙂

      • zunberzt says:

        the transvestite cousin is the revelation, coz she captures all the traits of a proper girl. hehe i met someone kasi six years ago na sobrang surprising kasi pra tlg xang babae with out trying, not that he looks like a real girl but if u disregard the exterior i cud have sworn he’s a real girl trapped in a mans body. hehe very soft spoken pa. very innocent looking.

  4. zhaun ortega says:

    sheesh. that last sentence just crushed my heart.

  5. zhaun ortega says:

    i’d looove to hear the whole story in person. waiting for the next installment

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