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Cool Dude’s Playlist

Posted: May 10, 2011 in Creative Writing

Your not cool if you don’t have these songs. I tried listening to them while lying in bed, trying to internalize the message of each one, and I couldn’t bottle an explosion of laughter. Best enjoyed if your down and out and naturally sarcastic, or just plain light hearted. ūüôā

Hero- Mariah Carey


When You Believe- Leon Jackson


Eye of the Tiger- Survivor


One Moment in Time- Whitney Houston


Gonna Fly Now- Bill Conti


Chariots of Fire- Vangelis


Circle of Life- Elton John


Win- Brian Mcknight


Tie for second

Go the Distance

I Believe I can fly- R Kelly


I Need a Doctor- Dr. Dre feat. eminem, Skylar Grey

Special Mention

You Gotta Want It- ROberta Gold

All Star- Smash Mouth


The Perfect Poet Award for Thursday Poets Rally Week 43

Here is the Haiku as agreed for humbly accepting this award:

Haiku for my good friend, Creative Writer’s Guild‘s Master Julian Javier the Cyber Mushroom

Step into today…
Leave behind a tearing end…
Breathe the air of dreams…

Thank you for this award everyone from the Thursday Poets Rally!
I nominate Moon Scribbles!

Happy Mothers Day!

Posted: May 7, 2011 in Creative Writing

I was intrigued by an idea of what might have been had I not left Baguio and took creative writing instead. All I could tell myself is: You’re never beat til you give up on yourself. I may have taken a few detours, but so long as the original dream is kept alive and I keep step towards fulfilling it, hope shall never be buried in yesterdays impervious locker and chance shall again blossom in it’s own time.

For the impractical dreamers:

yeees! ahahaha thanks miks ūüėČ


Posted: May 3, 2011 in Creative Writing

I’ve been preoccupied adding foliage to my ‘Acacia’ story I haven’t had time for my usual B.S. (sigh) Lately its been serious/ brooding mood switched on. Still, with my time for thinking up absurd things diminished, I was able to sneak this in.

Yabada Jibidee Jibidee-If you’ve ever been to a¬†Christian¬†fellowship gathering, then chances are, you’ve¬† witnessed this first hand and as I did you might have wondered what is being said. Only no one around, not even the pastor can give the translation. ‘They’re¬†in a trance’ is the standard¬†palliative. Lucky I know someone who knows someone with a friend whose cousin had had the (strange) memorable experience of sleeping with a born again¬†Christian. As told by this fellow, ” Out of nowhere she went yelling all this gibberish, it kinda freaked me out. But as I put two and two together, apparently it means: Oh l***, oh yes, oh yeeees! I’m cli******.”

*I am so getting tied to a stake and roasted alive for this. Oh wait no, that’s feudal Catechism. Sorry.

What’s Up?

Posted: May 2, 2011 in Creative Writing
It’s bizarre. You wake up one day Osama bin-laden is dead, miami leads boston, Pope J.p. had just been beatified, it’s 7pm and crap, I’m still in mugat.