Posted: May 3, 2011 in Creative Writing

I’ve been preoccupied adding foliage to my ‘Acacia’ story I haven’t had time for my usual B.S. (sigh) Lately its been serious/ brooding mood switched on. Still, with my time for thinking up absurd things diminished, I was able to sneak this in.

Yabada Jibidee Jibidee-If you’ve ever been to a Christian fellowship gathering, then chances are, you’ve  witnessed this first hand and as I did you might have wondered what is being said. Only no one around, not even the pastor can give the translation. ‘They’re in a trance’ is the standard palliative. Lucky I know someone who knows someone with a friend whose cousin had had the (strange) memorable experience of sleeping with a born again Christian. As told by this fellow, ” Out of nowhere she went yelling all this gibberish, it kinda freaked me out. But as I put two and two together, apparently it means: Oh l***, oh yes, oh yeeees! I’m cli******.”

*I am so getting tied to a stake and roasted alive for this. Oh wait no, that’s feudal Catechism. Sorry.

  1. Julian Javier the Cyber Mushroom says:

    yeah dude i feel your pain! i’m so sick and tired of this religion crap and all their stupid false guises! fuck religion! i mean, I like God, Christ, and Allah but i SO HATE their followers! all of them are a bunch of fucking hypocrites!

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