The Beacon of the Spirit

Posted: May 7, 2011 in Creative Writing

I was intrigued by an idea of what might have been had I not left Baguio and took creative writing instead. All I could tell myself is: You’re never beat til you give up on yourself. I may have taken a few detours, but so long as the original dream is kept alive and I keep step towards fulfilling it, hope shall never be buried in yesterdays impervious locker and chance shall again blossom in it’s own time.

For the impractical dreamers:

yeees! ahahaha thanks miks 😉

  1. belladonna23 says:

    regret is pointless. i view life as that all our decisions and mistakes have made us. and personally, i can’t imagine being any other way.

    • zunberzt says:

      you are right and i believe the same thing, . hehe thanks for reminding i get drowned sometimes and i forget to consider that great truth. thank you. 🙂

  2. booguloo says:

    Sometimes the detours add to the whole experience!

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